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At KR PR, we make a point to stay connected to know what the media wants; we stay ahead of trends and we love every minute of it. We go the extra mile for reporters to deliver quality services and products for our clients, and the press knows that they can count on us to deliver.

Be Buzzworthy

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You created your brand, you believe in your brand and if we work with your brand we believe in it too. At KR PR we do not just represent anyone or any brand. We work with like-minded companies, ones that we truly believe we can impact the bottom line and generate an excitement around. If we won’t wear it, drink it, nosh on it or proudly display it – then we won’t represent it. KR PR will align your business with the right movers and shakers to generate a buzz and drive results back to your business.


If a crisis should hit, KR PR has the damage control experience to assist. Whether the problem is a negative product review, defective product or perhaps the news about your new venture getting out before you are ready – KR PR has dealt with crises and leaks of all sizes. We’ll help set the record straight and coach you to deliver the best messaging possible.


KR PR knows that coverage is key. That means developing different story angles for different publications, matching the message to the medium, and shaping the pitch to sell the story. Our clients appear regularly in newspapers, magazines, on-line publications, radio shows, TV, top blogs and more.


Looking to give back to your community? KR PR will make the introductions and help you prepare, plan and promote the special cause. Seeking ways to get out and about and become more involved in your community? Let us research and suggest events for you and your team to be a part of.


Reporters need all kinds of information on a company’s products or services, ranging from press releases, fact sheets and product brochures to photos and corporate backgrounders. We assist clients in developing media kits that tell a company’s story in the most useful manner.


From sneak peeks, openings, launch parties, friends & family nights to debuting and announcing new products, KR PR has helped introduce countless new businesses, products and services. We will curate a theme and an invite list that are right for your needs, and work with you for a period after the party to ensure consistent publicity and keep the novelty from wearing off.


KR PR can help be the eyes and ears of your customers when you are not there. We offer customized, professional reports based on what your concerns are in regard to your customer service, product, training, atmosphere and overall experience. You can use these reports to maximize your business, grow your sales and identify your businesses strengths and weaknesses. KR PR will work with you to design a shopper questionnaire totally customized to your unique company needs. You decide the frequency of the shops from bi-monthly, monthly, quarterly, etc. Then we will send out the shopper, compile the answers and sit down and review the findings with you.


KR PR provides you with a creative voice to get social and stay social. From securing social media channels and setting them up to posting on them, we will work with your team to create a social network following.